City of Discord

All a Big Fackade

The party prepares to steal the Oggar explosives Fulgrim informed them of. They learn that the goblin alchemist Gamba has been working on project for the Oggar navy in Heavenfell. The party is approached by Anton and a familiar Tiefling mage: the one that “Vanity” had left for dead. Anton introduces the party to Malice, telling them she has agreed to help them retrieve the explosives.

Ugly, the leader of the Scarred Ones, asks to speak with them. Ebola, his partner/lover is dying from a poison from her days as General Chern’s concubine. When she escaped, she stole antidote with her, but that has run out. Ugly asks the party if they will try to steal more, or better yet get the recipe for the antidote.

The party agrees. Vesh, Deathrager, and Malice pose as slavers transporting slaves to potentially sell to General Chern. Chern receives them with enthusiasm, offering to house them, excited at the prospect of more exotic slaves. Ren reveals to one of Chern’s harem that they plan to free the slaves, hoping to gain some information about the antidote. She gives them the location of the antidote: Chern’s bedroom.

Rose sneaks in snake form while the rest of the party chats it up with Chern. Unable to pick the lock, Rose smashes Chern’s chest and alerts the guards. The party takes Chern by surprise, killing him quickly, and then battling his guards, his son, and his pet red dragon. Chern’s concubine Bright Eyes runs in to see the aftermath.


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