City of Discord

Busiest Party Ever

Bright Eyes leads the party to a secret passage from the dungeon into a cave section that leads to an underground river and is connected to another tunnel. They come upon a storage room full of barrels of explosives and spider/goblin hybrids. They kill the spidergoblins, alerting Gamba the alchemist and his apprentices. After knocking Gamba unconscious, the party was unable to stop the fleeing apprentices and find themselves in a standoff with hobgoblin guards. They hold off the guards until they can lower the explosives down into the cave tunnel.

They flee, stealing several rowboats from the harbor and escaping to the Confederacy Quint. They head back to the Dregs and meet up with Anton to plan their next move. The party sends for Tad to help with crafting an antidote to the poison Ebola and Chern’s harem are suffering from. Galen learns that his abolitionist brother in law got himself caught, and will be executed by being thrown into The Purge, a tradition where the Goblins seal off the slave section of the city and offer rewards for the slaves who can collect the most scalps.

The party plans to get back into Oggar with some of the explosives to blow a hole in the walled off slave quarters, and attack all five of the dammed up drains in the Dregs after the distraction with the help of the Children of Chaos and the Scarred Ones.


taborjet taborjet

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