City of Discord

Into the Sewers

The party defeated the tiefling patrol and captured one of its magi for questioning. They tried to take the unconscious woman with them to Lidda’s Inn, but she would not allow it. Vesh, Galen, Geronimo, and Meridia instead took her back to Ratty’s pub, where the owner was more permissive.

Meridia revealed herself to be a shapeshifter, taking the form of the overseer Vanity. She attempted to coax information out of the mage, but was not able to get anything substantial. Trying to make it look like Vanity wanted her dead, the group knocked the tiefling out and dumped her body in the dregs.

The next day they went to meet Ricknar about retrieving his amulet. Anton was there, wanting to know if the party was going to take his offer. They weren’t, but they agreed that it could be beneficial for them to work together. Anton told the party of the Scarred Ones, a gang of escaped slaves led a half-orc named Ugly and his mate Ebola. Anton wants to bring them in on the plan of uniting the Dregs, and the party already have good relations with some of the escaped slaves. The zombie kobold slayers will consider it, but first they want to get their medallions off.

Ricknar sets them up with a map of his estate in the Dwarven Quint, and sends them off with his janitor rat killer halfling Pepe. Pepe leads them into the depths of the sewage system of Heavenfell, but he discovers the direct route to the estate is walled off. He takes the party on a detour but they are sucked into the swirling vortex of sewage circling a drain and attacked by oozes. Pepe is nowhere to be found.


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