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Let the Games Begin

The campaign begins with the Dungeon Delve participants meeting their teammates for the first time. Each of the PC’s were assigned to Team Blue and given a blue medallion allowing them entrance into the Delve. After introducing themselves and discussing strategy, the team decides that they will attempt to feign incompetence to increase the betting odds against their team. Ren, ever the gambler, bets all but one gold piece on Team Blue. Less confident in their victory (or less foolhardy), Meridia bets 50 gp. To keep up with their ruse, the team names the Dragonborn Paladin Deathrager as their leader.

Ren attempts to eavesdrop on the Half-Orc slaves finishing up construction of the Delve, but is unable to find anything of interest. Eventually he is able to find a former participant, who tells him about the various traps and monsters. The rest of the team did not investigate further, instead heading to the temporary Dwarven tavern in the City Center for a drink.

In the Tavern, they meet some of the members one of the rival Delve teams, Team Green: a hardened Dwarven warrior, a large mullet-sporting Minotaur, and a Gnome who calls himself Mysterio. Mysterio tries to dazzle the tavern-goers with his “illusions,” but fails miserably. Team Blue has a good laugh at his expense.

The next day, the team heads to the Delve. When asked for their team name they give the name “The Zombie and Kobold Slayers,” allegedly after the two creatures that Deathrager has defeated (even though his squire is a kobold.) Once into the Delve, the Zombie and Kobold Slayers defeat a crypt of undying skeleton warriors. They notice that what they thought were cheap blue medallions glow at the first sign of healing. Ren questions whether or not the medallions are taking part of their souls, and Meridia determines that they do not. They move on to a defeat a room of mushrooms, swirling gusts, fire bats, and spore toads. The Delve continues…


Lies! Foul lies! Ren never actually suggested the medallions were taking part of our souls…that was Meridia’s invention. Ren just wondered if their purpose was ‘sinister.’

Let the Games Begin

“Ren questions whether or not the purpose of the medallions is ‘sinister.’ Meridia posits they might be taking part of their souls, but determines that is not the case. She tells Ren she does not think their purpose is sinister.”

Let the Games Begin

Thank you. :)

Mysterio is the main villain of the game, isn’t he? Speaking of the Green Team, we need to come up with a name for that dwarf warrior that Vesh pretended not to know. Sadly, Punch Rockgroin is taken. :)

How about Thorek Earthcutter?

Let the Games Begin
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