City of Discord

Out of the Sewers and Into the Cesspool

The party escapes from the Stormtongue estate and back into the sewers. Back in the Dregs, they discover that the Authority has walled off the drainage outlets, causing the water level to rise, and eventually drown the entire Dregs. They deliver the amulet to Ricknar, but refuse to hand it over until Tad Wiggin removes their blue medallions. Wiggin meets them at Ratty’s Pub, where he inspects the medallions. He tells them that the medallions detect divinity in the life force of whomever wears it. In order to be removed, they will need to meet back at his tower in the Confederacy Quint.

Galen runs into his brother-in-law, a Pelorite abolitionist. Galen denies their relationship, but Ren considers the possibility of working with him to help the abolitionists. They reach Wiggin’s tower and notice cages full of monsters, strange devices, and an airship. Wiggin removes the medallions by killing and reviving each partymember.

Ren leaves to go con back his winnings, while Vesh takes up a post outside the tower to look for threats. A group of assassins ambush them, after the ledger they took from Eldra Stormtongue. The party defeats the ambush, escaping to the Dregs. Vesh sends the ledger to silverbeard to turn into the authorities.

The party negotiates their way into the territory of the Scarred Ones, and learns that Ebola is sick and Ugly will not speak to anyone. Ren convinces Fulgrum to aid them in an operation to bring down the walls blocking the drains. He tells them that Oggar’s explosive cache may aid in their objective, and they form a plan to pose as slaves and slavetraders to get into the Quint.


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