City of Discord


The Zombie Kobold Slayers continue with The Delve, quickly defeating two Ankhegs in a magic sandbox. The exit leads to a tunnel underneath the city, where they encounter the Delve overseers, Hope and Vanity, behind a closed portcullis. Hope remarks on their glowing medallions, marveling that there are “so many on one team.” She instructs Vanity to eliminate them, and to spare Rose and Ren if possible. Vanity sicks her Blackhearts on the party, opting to stay behind the portcullis.

Vesh will have none of that, and immediately rushes to break down the door in pursuit of the Tiefling coward. Meanwhile, the tunnel ceiling caves in, and commotion can be heard from above. In the midst of the battle, Both Rose’s and Ren’s medallions begin to glow, negating any hope for mercy. After a hard fought victory against the treacherous Blackhearts with the party still in fighting condition, Vanity flees. Rose teleports through the portcullis and opens it from the other side. Vesh pursues, but runs into a riot in what would have been their victor’s circle.

Half Orc slaves have toppled parts of the Delve Arena and rioting, using the commotion to allow for a mass exodus into the Dregs. Ren gets the attention of one of the leaders, Fulgrum, and convinces him that the party wants to help. They point the watch towards the palace, diverting the troops dealing with the riot and helping Fulgrum escape.

In the chaos of the riot, Deathrager is given a note asking him to meet at Ratty’s Pub in the Dregs. The party heads there and meets with a half-elf revolutionary named Anton. He wants the party’s help in uniting the Dregs in exchange for help in removing the glowing amulets, which they have discovered cannot be removed. After leaving the party to consider the offer, the bar owner, Ricknar offers a different proposal. Tad Wiggan, a wizard who helped design the delve medallions, owes him a favor. He will help the party remove the medallions in exchange for their aid in stealing an amulet from his former estate. Ricknar’s halfing exterminator/janitor Pepe knows a secret way into the estate.

The party discusses their options while Vesh sneaks away into the Dwarven Quint to meet with her contact Ghorin Silverbeard. He tells her to keep her eye out for anything that may lead to the Mattun Aur, and to use her judgment. The city has been put on lockdown due to the riot, and Vesh decides that removing the medallion currently aligns with her goals, eventually agreeing to join the party in their quest to retrieve Ricknar’s amulet.

Ren decides that the party deserves better than to stay in a dump like Ratty’s, and he leads the group to the Crying Nutcracker, another inn located in the Dregs and run by the halfling Lidda, a former adventurer. Before they reach their destination, they come into contact with a hostile Tiefling patrol…


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