City of Discord

To the Job

The oozes defeated and their guide missing, the party fights their way through the swirling waters to find a way out of the tangled system of pipes. Geronimo finds a way out of the pipes and into a cavern underneath the foundations of the city.

The party goes further into the web covered walls until they find a large chasm in the ground with a spider web spanning the area. A halfling-sized cocoon struggles in the center, and giant spiders skitter over the walls. Three dark elves, an old woman, a younger woman, and a younger man stand at the other end of the chasm. Although they are ready for a fight, the old drow wishes to talk instead. She introduces herself as Nachshastra, the Matriarch of a sect of drow who worship a goddess they call the Spider Queen.

The matriarch reveals that she knows of the party’s situation with the Heavenfell authorities. After a brief private conversation with Vesh, she tells the party that not only were the leadership of Heavenfell responsible for ordering their deaths, but that the elimination of powerful Delve-goers is the entire purpose of the event. She releases Pepe from the web and asks

Dali and Vedik to introduce themselves. Dali reveals a disdain for males, Ren in particular. Dali indicates that she does not allow males to speak, and Vedik’s behavior confirms her claim. The party learns that Dali is one of Eldra Stormtongue’s maids, the same woman the party plans to rob.

Dali agrees to lead the party to the estate, and she creates a distraction to allow them to sneak into the vault in Stormtongue’s bedroom. Vesh and Meridia disguise themselves as servants while Rose takes the shape of Eldra’s pet badger, Honey. While she manages to get the vault open, Vesh trips magical crossbow turrets that attack the party and alert the guards. The party fights their way through the defenses and outside, carrying the amulet and whatever else Meridia grabbed from the vault.


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