"These games are being degraded by the increasing use of professional tricks to stay alive! And I won't have it! So put on a good show and there'll be plenty of money for the living and a decent burial for the dead."


Meridia pic


Meridia and a few other Changelings were created by Hastor, an Archmage of Manos. Hastor, in exchange for the services of a powerful Devil Lord, is attempting to reignite the war between the Devas and Tieflings in Heavenfell. Meridia and the other Changelings were designed to increase tensions between the two factions by orchestrating several diplomatic and political attacks posing as Devas and Tieflings. Unfortunately for Hastor, to make his creatures effective, he had to give up his design for true control of them and opt instead for constructing them with inherent desires. The resulting Changelings possess a strong desire to see the peace of Heavenfell come to destruction but otherwise live their lives as they choose. Hastor, of course, tries to keep them under control in more mundane ways, but this is difficult due to their ability to avoid detection. The existence of the Changelings remains, for now, a secret.

Meridia has chosen to appear almost exclusively as a female Deva to hide her true nature and hopes to gain some amount of notoriety and influence through success in the Delve.


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