Ren Shrike

Adventurer, Scoundrel, Storyteller


Almost everyone has heard one of the stories about Ren Shrike. Since a young age, Ren has traveled across the lands as an adventurer. Afflicted with severe wanderlust, he never stays too long in one place. A gifted raconteur, Ren began telling stories about his adventurers, stories that began to be repeated in inns and taverns across the world. Even when other, more skilled bards repeated his stories, everyone agreed that Ren’s tellings were the best.

His travels are wide and varied, from fighting goblin slavers on the coasts of Pel, to hunting expeditions with eladrin in the great forests of their homeland of Vandor, to meeting the dragons of Ertanyon. The only constants in his travels are that Ren always manages to find some combination of trouble and adventure, and that he manages to extricate himself with his wits.

Although Ren carries a sword of clearly elvish make, he practices an unusual and subtle form of magic. He claims it’s true magic, not found in old tomes or ancient bloodlines, but from every person he’s met, every place he’s been, and all of his experiences. Ren’s magic is the magic of story.

Ren tends to pick up various tokens of his travels, incorporating them into his gear as a constant reminder of his status as a peerless traveler. For example, an ancient dwarven coin serves as the brooch to his cloak. His clothing is also a mix of the decorative and the functional.

While Ren has an easy charisma and is quick to make friends, he is also something of a smartass, especially to authority figures or those who annoy him. Ren always has a witty and insulting response ready, and his habits tend to land him into trouble. Still, he’s never worried; chances are good he’s been in worse scrapes.

Ren Shrike

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