Vesh Graysul

Dark elf avenger seeking revenge


Vesh Graysul is a young dark elf, recently arrived from the dwarven capital of Torhold to celebrate the festival at Heavenfall. Vesh is a woman of few words, wearing her silence about her like a second cloak, and the few words she does speak are scarcely louder than a whisper. Vesh always wears a long, dark hooded cloak, preferring to conceal as much of her appearance as possible, although her eyes have a distinct emerald gleam in the flickering torchlight.

Vesh has inherited the bitter feud of the drow and the corrupt ruling eladrin at the moment of her birth, and this hatred was only compounded by the death of her father in the Forest Fire War. Vesh hates eladrin, elves, and all others who would bow to them; discussing this hatred is one of the few times she speaks with any passion. Vesh also treats every dwarf she meets with great respect.

Unlike other dark elves, Vesh holds no reverence for the Raven Queen. Despite this lack of faith, she wields divine power as easily as any priest. Vesh trains obsessively to hone her skills during the day; at night, she disappears for hours at a time to locations unknown.

Vesh Graysul

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