City of Discord

Busiest Party Ever

Bright Eyes leads the party to a secret passage from the dungeon into a cave section that leads to an underground river and is connected to another tunnel. They come upon a storage room full of barrels of explosives and spider/goblin hybrids. They kill the spidergoblins, alerting Gamba the alchemist and his apprentices. After knocking Gamba unconscious, the party was unable to stop the fleeing apprentices and find themselves in a standoff with hobgoblin guards. They hold off the guards until they can lower the explosives down into the cave tunnel.

They flee, stealing several rowboats from the harbor and escaping to the Confederacy Quint. They head back to the Dregs and meet up with Anton to plan their next move. The party sends for Tad to help with crafting an antidote to the poison Ebola and Chern’s harem are suffering from. Galen learns that his abolitionist brother in law got himself caught, and will be executed by being thrown into The Purge, a tradition where the Goblins seal off the slave section of the city and offer rewards for the slaves who can collect the most scalps.

The party plans to get back into Oggar with some of the explosives to blow a hole in the walled off slave quarters, and attack all five of the dammed up drains in the Dregs after the distraction with the help of the Children of Chaos and the Scarred Ones.

All a Big Fackade

The party prepares to steal the Oggar explosives Fulgrim informed them of. They learn that the goblin alchemist Gamba has been working on project for the Oggar navy in Heavenfell. The party is approached by Anton and a familiar Tiefling mage: the one that “Vanity” had left for dead. Anton introduces the party to Malice, telling them she has agreed to help them retrieve the explosives.

Ugly, the leader of the Scarred Ones, asks to speak with them. Ebola, his partner/lover is dying from a poison from her days as General Chern’s concubine. When she escaped, she stole antidote with her, but that has run out. Ugly asks the party if they will try to steal more, or better yet get the recipe for the antidote.

The party agrees. Vesh, Deathrager, and Malice pose as slavers transporting slaves to potentially sell to General Chern. Chern receives them with enthusiasm, offering to house them, excited at the prospect of more exotic slaves. Ren reveals to one of Chern’s harem that they plan to free the slaves, hoping to gain some information about the antidote. She gives them the location of the antidote: Chern’s bedroom.

Rose sneaks in snake form while the rest of the party chats it up with Chern. Unable to pick the lock, Rose smashes Chern’s chest and alerts the guards. The party takes Chern by surprise, killing him quickly, and then battling his guards, his son, and his pet red dragon. Chern’s concubine Bright Eyes runs in to see the aftermath.

Out of the Sewers and Into the Cesspool

The party escapes from the Stormtongue estate and back into the sewers. Back in the Dregs, they discover that the Authority has walled off the drainage outlets, causing the water level to rise, and eventually drown the entire Dregs. They deliver the amulet to Ricknar, but refuse to hand it over until Tad Wiggin removes their blue medallions. Wiggin meets them at Ratty’s Pub, where he inspects the medallions. He tells them that the medallions detect divinity in the life force of whomever wears it. In order to be removed, they will need to meet back at his tower in the Confederacy Quint.

Galen runs into his brother-in-law, a Pelorite abolitionist. Galen denies their relationship, but Ren considers the possibility of working with him to help the abolitionists. They reach Wiggin’s tower and notice cages full of monsters, strange devices, and an airship. Wiggin removes the medallions by killing and reviving each partymember.

Ren leaves to go con back his winnings, while Vesh takes up a post outside the tower to look for threats. A group of assassins ambush them, after the ledger they took from Eldra Stormtongue. The party defeats the ambush, escaping to the Dregs. Vesh sends the ledger to silverbeard to turn into the authorities.

The party negotiates their way into the territory of the Scarred Ones, and learns that Ebola is sick and Ugly will not speak to anyone. Ren convinces Fulgrum to aid them in an operation to bring down the walls blocking the drains. He tells them that Oggar’s explosive cache may aid in their objective, and they form a plan to pose as slaves and slavetraders to get into the Quint.

To the Job

The oozes defeated and their guide missing, the party fights their way through the swirling waters to find a way out of the tangled system of pipes. Geronimo finds a way out of the pipes and into a cavern underneath the foundations of the city.

The party goes further into the web covered walls until they find a large chasm in the ground with a spider web spanning the area. A halfling-sized cocoon struggles in the center, and giant spiders skitter over the walls. Three dark elves, an old woman, a younger woman, and a younger man stand at the other end of the chasm. Although they are ready for a fight, the old drow wishes to talk instead. She introduces herself as Nachshastra, the Matriarch of a sect of drow who worship a goddess they call the Spider Queen.

The matriarch reveals that she knows of the party’s situation with the Heavenfell authorities. After a brief private conversation with Vesh, she tells the party that not only were the leadership of Heavenfell responsible for ordering their deaths, but that the elimination of powerful Delve-goers is the entire purpose of the event. She releases Pepe from the web and asks

Dali and Vedik to introduce themselves. Dali reveals a disdain for males, Ren in particular. Dali indicates that she does not allow males to speak, and Vedik’s behavior confirms her claim. The party learns that Dali is one of Eldra Stormtongue’s maids, the same woman the party plans to rob.

Dali agrees to lead the party to the estate, and she creates a distraction to allow them to sneak into the vault in Stormtongue’s bedroom. Vesh and Meridia disguise themselves as servants while Rose takes the shape of Eldra’s pet badger, Honey. While she manages to get the vault open, Vesh trips magical crossbow turrets that attack the party and alert the guards. The party fights their way through the defenses and outside, carrying the amulet and whatever else Meridia grabbed from the vault.

Into the Sewers

The party defeated the tiefling patrol and captured one of its magi for questioning. They tried to take the unconscious woman with them to Lidda’s Inn, but she would not allow it. Vesh, Galen, Geronimo, and Meridia instead took her back to Ratty’s pub, where the owner was more permissive.

Meridia revealed herself to be a shapeshifter, taking the form of the overseer Vanity. She attempted to coax information out of the mage, but was not able to get anything substantial. Trying to make it look like Vanity wanted her dead, the group knocked the tiefling out and dumped her body in the dregs.

The next day they went to meet Ricknar about retrieving his amulet. Anton was there, wanting to know if the party was going to take his offer. They weren’t, but they agreed that it could be beneficial for them to work together. Anton told the party of the Scarred Ones, a gang of escaped slaves led a half-orc named Ugly and his mate Ebola. Anton wants to bring them in on the plan of uniting the Dregs, and the party already have good relations with some of the escaped slaves. The zombie kobold slayers will consider it, but first they want to get their medallions off.

Ricknar sets them up with a map of his estate in the Dwarven Quint, and sends them off with his janitor rat killer halfling Pepe. Pepe leads them into the depths of the sewage system of Heavenfell, but he discovers the direct route to the estate is walled off. He takes the party on a detour but they are sucked into the swirling vortex of sewage circling a drain and attacked by oozes. Pepe is nowhere to be found.


The Zombie Kobold Slayers continue with The Delve, quickly defeating two Ankhegs in a magic sandbox. The exit leads to a tunnel underneath the city, where they encounter the Delve overseers, Hope and Vanity, behind a closed portcullis. Hope remarks on their glowing medallions, marveling that there are “so many on one team.” She instructs Vanity to eliminate them, and to spare Rose and Ren if possible. Vanity sicks her Blackhearts on the party, opting to stay behind the portcullis.

Vesh will have none of that, and immediately rushes to break down the door in pursuit of the Tiefling coward. Meanwhile, the tunnel ceiling caves in, and commotion can be heard from above. In the midst of the battle, Both Rose’s and Ren’s medallions begin to glow, negating any hope for mercy. After a hard fought victory against the treacherous Blackhearts with the party still in fighting condition, Vanity flees. Rose teleports through the portcullis and opens it from the other side. Vesh pursues, but runs into a riot in what would have been their victor’s circle.

Half Orc slaves have toppled parts of the Delve Arena and rioting, using the commotion to allow for a mass exodus into the Dregs. Ren gets the attention of one of the leaders, Fulgrum, and convinces him that the party wants to help. They point the watch towards the palace, diverting the troops dealing with the riot and helping Fulgrum escape.

In the chaos of the riot, Deathrager is given a note asking him to meet at Ratty’s Pub in the Dregs. The party heads there and meets with a half-elf revolutionary named Anton. He wants the party’s help in uniting the Dregs in exchange for help in removing the glowing amulets, which they have discovered cannot be removed. After leaving the party to consider the offer, the bar owner, Ricknar offers a different proposal. Tad Wiggan, a wizard who helped design the delve medallions, owes him a favor. He will help the party remove the medallions in exchange for their aid in stealing an amulet from his former estate. Ricknar’s halfing exterminator/janitor Pepe knows a secret way into the estate.

The party discusses their options while Vesh sneaks away into the Dwarven Quint to meet with her contact Ghorin Silverbeard. He tells her to keep her eye out for anything that may lead to the Mattun Aur, and to use her judgment. The city has been put on lockdown due to the riot, and Vesh decides that removing the medallion currently aligns with her goals, eventually agreeing to join the party in their quest to retrieve Ricknar’s amulet.

Ren decides that the party deserves better than to stay in a dump like Ratty’s, and he leads the group to the Crying Nutcracker, another inn located in the Dregs and run by the halfling Lidda, a former adventurer. Before they reach their destination, they come into contact with a hostile Tiefling patrol…

Let the Games Begin

The campaign begins with the Dungeon Delve participants meeting their teammates for the first time. Each of the PC’s were assigned to Team Blue and given a blue medallion allowing them entrance into the Delve. After introducing themselves and discussing strategy, the team decides that they will attempt to feign incompetence to increase the betting odds against their team. Ren, ever the gambler, bets all but one gold piece on Team Blue. Less confident in their victory (or less foolhardy), Meridia bets 50 gp. To keep up with their ruse, the team names the Dragonborn Paladin Deathrager as their leader.

Ren attempts to eavesdrop on the Half-Orc slaves finishing up construction of the Delve, but is unable to find anything of interest. Eventually he is able to find a former participant, who tells him about the various traps and monsters. The rest of the team did not investigate further, instead heading to the temporary Dwarven tavern in the City Center for a drink.

In the Tavern, they meet some of the members one of the rival Delve teams, Team Green: a hardened Dwarven warrior, a large mullet-sporting Minotaur, and a Gnome who calls himself Mysterio. Mysterio tries to dazzle the tavern-goers with his “illusions,” but fails miserably. Team Blue has a good laugh at his expense.

The next day, the team heads to the Delve. When asked for their team name they give the name “The Zombie and Kobold Slayers,” allegedly after the two creatures that Deathrager has defeated (even though his squire is a kobold.) Once into the Delve, the Zombie and Kobold Slayers defeat a crypt of undying skeleton warriors. They notice that what they thought were cheap blue medallions glow at the first sign of healing. Ren questions whether or not the medallions are taking part of their souls, and Meridia determines that they do not. They move on to a defeat a room of mushrooms, swirling gusts, fire bats, and spore toads. The Delve continues…

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