A Ritual Clarification

I know that I was confused by 4.Joe’s Ritual rules, and I know that I wasn’t the only one. So I asked Joe some questions about how the Rituals are supposed to work, and now I"m posting this clarification.

ALL characters gain Access to Rituals; it’s not solely limited to characters with the Ritual Casting feat.

In order to take any specific Ritual, you need to be Trained in the appropriate skill. This might mean that your Fighter, for example, does not actually know any Rituals, b/c he lacks the necessary skills. Oh well. You still have Come and Get It to look forward to.

Each character gains 1 Ritual starting at 4th level, and every 4 levels thereafter.

If your character would have access to Rituals because of his class, add those Rituals to his known one. For example, Ren, as a Bard, starts with two free rituals at level one. He also gains the same ritual at level 4 as everyone else, so he knows a total of three rituals.

These rituals are usable 1/day, free to learn, and free to cast. They do take the normal amount of TIME to cast.

Some rituals, like the Magic Item ones, are not allowed. Use your common sense.

A Ritual Clarification

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