Campaign Guide


  • Each player has the option of playing two (2) characters at any one time, preferably from different factions.
  • PC’s start at level 3 with basic equipment: no magic items.



D&D 4E base system with inherent bonuses instead of a treasure packet system.


Powers progress as normally, with the following exception:

  • Any time a utility power is gained, the player may take, if possible, an additional non-combat utility power.
  • The DM will be the ultimate arbiter of what constitutes a “combat” v. a “non-combat” power.


Rituals have no cost and generally will be considered a Daily Power.

In order to qualify for a ritual a character’s class must both have that ritual’s skill as a class skill and also be trained in that skill. If the character meets this qualification, one ritual is gained at every 4th level and can also be taken in place of a utility power.

Any ritual taken must be of the character’s level or lower. If a character has an “open slot” for a ritual but does not qualify, once she qualifies for a ritual, she may fill that slot with a qualifying ritual at a rate of one ritual each time she levels.


I will be playing around with reducing Monster hit points-no concrete numbers until after a few sessions.

Encounter Levels will be fast and loose. There will generally be more difficult than normal, with fewer encounters per day. You should expect to run at times and breeze through at others.

Source Books:

Specific source books will be disallowed on good faith objection by any player. Otherwise, all WotC source books are permitted.

Campaign Guide

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