Playable Races

(Mostly for Lore Purposes. If you want to play something not on this list, we can try to work something out)


The descendants of the founders of Heavenfell, who along with the Tieflings, rule the city. They are allowed to pass freely throughout the entirety of the city, and other races will hesitate to give them any trouble within its walls.


Drow are Elves who were touched by the Shadowfell as Eladrin were touched by the Feywild. Once normal elves, they grew jealous of the Eladrin nobility and sought access to the plane of darkness to overthrow the aristocracy and establish themselves as rulers of Vandor. After an extended campaign, the Drow were pushed out of the kingdom and into the arms of the Torgrin. Long rivals of the Eladrin, the Dwarves welcomed the Drow refugees, and allowed them to form settlements in the caverns below the Dwarven mines in exchange for loyalty to the Crown and aid in war. The Drow make some of Torgrin’s best scouts and assassins. Most of the Shadow Elves revere the Raven Queen, although there have been rumors of secretive cults of spider worshipers that hold evil rites deeper than even most Dwarves are willing to delve.


Just across the Sea of the Forge from Torgrin, the Dragonborn hail from the mountainous island of Ertanyon. There they live as servants to the Metallic Council, providing their labor and skills in battle for whatever purpose they are commanded. Dragonborn are some of the most loyal and disciplined soldiers and servants in all of the Seven Isles if one can gain their service.


The Dwarves have carved out the Isle of Torgrin for their kingdom, and with its various precious metals have become very wealthy in the process. A focus on commerce has worn away much of their innate xenophobia, adding the strength of the Goliaths and the cunning of the Drow to their kingdom. Individuals looking to hide their wealth from taxation and Nations in need of a loan to pay their obligations both look to the Bank of Torgrin first.


Eladrin are the heirs to Elves who, either through accident or by design, held a connection to the Feywild. This otherworldly connection has aided in making them the ruling class of Vandor. Most do not consider Eladrin to be a separate race from Elves at all. In fact, the word “Eladrin” is the Elvish equivalent of “Noble”. The Eladrin make up the majority of high level roles in Vandor’s government and military.


Elves are native to the island of Vandor, and make up the majority of its population. Within the cities they serve the Eladrin regime as soldiers, smiths, and farmers. In the deep forests, some have kept to the old ways, hunting, fishing, and living off of the land, recognizing no master but Melora.


The frivolous gnomes of Vandor serve as Clowns, Magicians, and Acrobats, providing entertainment to their Eladrin rulers. Some of the more paranoid of the elves are convinced that they act as spies for the Eladrin, keeping tabs on the populous in order to get wind of any potential revolt so as to quell it before it can gain momentum.


Goblins act as spies, assassins, and special forces for the Oggar Imperium. The few who climb the ranks of the Imperium Military command are competent and deadly.


Goliaths revere Kord and guard the surface of the Mines of Torgrin from attack. Goliaths are exceptionally Stoic, and Dwarves joke among themselves that Goliaths are actually Stone Golems who had their sense of humor magically removed.


Vandor has traded with the Human kingdoms for ages, and while Eladrin would never think to sully their noble bloodline by coupling with a human, the Earthborn Elves have no such reluctance. The spawn of these relationships reside on both Vandor and the Three Kingdoms, although they tend to fare much better in the Human kingdoms than the Strict caste based Eladrin society.


Oggar Attempted to enslave the Orcs from their home island, but abandoned the effort, as the barbarians were too intelligent to be predictable and too simple minded to follow all but the most basic commands. That changed when the Imperium came into contact with the first humans after a long distance slaving raid. Crossbreeding the two races produced slaves stronger and hardier than a human, and intelligent enough to follow their commands. Half-Orc slaves are now a integral part of Oggar society. Half-Orcs plow fields, mine ore, and row Imperium Galleys, allowing Goblins to focus on honing their martial skills. Some of the Half-Orc slaves have managed to escape and become Pirates on the open seas. Others achieved some amount of respect among the Hobgoblins as gladiators and pit fighters.


The Halfling’s home is the open seas. Their civilization is built upon a great fleet of ships that migrate from port to port, living off of the trade various items recovered from salvage and exploration. The fleet has most of the amenities of a small-sized city, including floating inns, temples, and even “Wall Ships” Whose sole purpose is to surround the fleet and block attackers.


Hobgoblins make up the top echelons of the Oggar Imperium. They are infamous slavers and conquerors, and have built a rivalry with the Human Kingdom of Hest for control of the straights between their lands. Only the pact of Heavenfell recently halted the cycle of perpetual warfare. Most wonder how long that armistice can last.


The Island city-states of Hest, Pel, and Manos have recently joined together to form the Confederation of Man in order to send a unified delegation to Heavenfell. Hest is the largest of the Islands, a militaristic culture intent on building and expanding. Pel is the next largest and ruled by a theocracy dedicated to Pelor. Manos is the smallest and most ungoverned island, consisting mostly of solitary mage towers and a few villages. Each Island has its own methods for choosing a Triarch to join in the rule of the Confederation. Hest Generally sends its greatest general, Pel its highest cleric of Pelor, and Manos its most experienced Archmage.


Minotaurs are beasts of Burden bred by the mages of Manos as beasts of burden and protectors of their various dungeons. The efforts of the Clergy of Pel pressured the mages to grant the Minotaurs some form of freedom and autonomy, although most chose to remain in their occupations. Some of the more adventurous have become mercenaries, selling their services to Oggar or Hest. Others, thankful for their freedom, convert to the worship of Pelor and became holy warriors of Pel. A small group of Minotaurs chartered a ship to a previously unknown Island to find a homeland of their own. They were never seen again.


Shifters are not a race of their own, but a form of lesser lycanthrope. They appear as one of the many medium-sized demihumans native to Atlas, but substitute their lycanthropic abilities for their racial stats. When shifters shift, they take on the traits of their wereform, whether wolf, cat, etc. Shifters are rare, but may be found on any of the Islands of Atlas.


Co-Founders of Heavenfell, Tieflings enjoy the same rights as Devas, although often with a more skeptical eye. They are more likely to be found in the Goblin Quarter than the Dragonborn Quarter, but they generally freely roam Heavenfell.


Are from Vandor and Feybags. You can make some crap up if you want to be a Wildling.

Playable Races

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