Setting Guide


The City-State of Heavenfell sits in the center of the sea in the middle of the Great Ring of island nations. Is the oldest known inhabited settlement in all of Atlas. The city was founded at the site of a truce between a warring unit of Devas and Tieflings suddenly transported to Atlas and cut off from their Divine and Infernal Lords. Stranded, the two races put aside their differences and founded a prosperous, if segregated, settlement in the middle of the ocean. The city became a curiosity to the natives of the region, as well as a checkpoint through on the journey across the Great Ring Sea.

Before long, Heavenfell welcomed representatives from the five civilizations of Atlas to establish their own settlements. The city was divided in five equal parts and given to each of the Five Nations to control: The Dwarven Enclave of Torgrin, The Confederation of Man, The Eladrin Oligarchy of Vandor, the Draconic Kingdom of Erantyon, and the Goblinoid Oggar Imperium. Each of these civilizations was given their own quarter of the great city, to run as they pleased, in exchange for trade in goods, knowledge and culture and for allowing free passage to all Tieflings and Deva.

In between the walls of the City Center and the city-embassies surrounding it ring The Dregs of the city. Dissidents from the various embassies make their homes on the banks of a massive sewage channel that circles the city center, fighting for the scraps from above. The citizens of the embassies bypass the dregs into the city by way of overhead bridge, allowing them to mostly ignore the goings on below.

Setting Guide

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