Gnome Resourceful Warlord 3

Str 17 Con 10 Dex 8 Int 16 Wis 10 Cha 16

SQ: Fey Origin, Master Trickster, Reactive Stealth, Trickster’s Cunning, Battlefront Leader, Inspiring Word, Resourceful Presence

Feats: Durable phb, Weapon Proficiency Rapier phb

1w commander’s strike phb
1w furious smash phb
1e vengeance is mine mp2
1d lead the attack phberrata
2u adaptive stratagem mp
2u* legend lore phb3
3e inspire resilience mp2

athletics+9 diplomacy+9 heal+6 history+9

ac 19 fort 15 ref 16 will 15

init+1 hp 32 bloodied 16 surges 9 surge value 8

basic melee rapier+9 1d8+4
basic ranged javelin+8 1d6+4

50 lb
brown hair
speed: 5
low-light vision
languages: common & elven


I’ve hired you to help me start a war. It’s a prestigious line of work, with a long and glorious tradition.

Geronimo served as an advisor for seven years to Jiardem Weydenloft, an eladrin noble of Vandor. During that time, Geronimo earned a reputation among those ‘in the know’ for his quick wit, ruthless cunning, and arrogance. The Weydenloft house grew in wealth and prominence during Geronimo’s tenure there. Still, he felt continually insulted by having to serve those he regarded as inferiors, and he spent his spare time cooking up schemes to increase his own position.

As an agent of the court of Vandor, he successfully foiled a seditious conspiracy known as the Eventide Plot, the official details of which remain sealed. Suffice to say, Geronimo’s actions earned him a commendation, symbolized by a small bronze medal that he carries with him always.

Shortly after the uncovering the seditious plan, Geronimo chose to take an extended leave of absence from the court. His travels have taken him to Heavenfell, where he seeks capable, if not pliable, comrades who will serve his future plans.


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